About Me






Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I call my blog Moms of a Feather because moms flock together like birds. We seem to have lost that sense of community in our culture. It still takes a village. Parents need one another for support. I want to share my stories and thoughts to reach out to those moms or dads who are low on faith and energy.

Parenting can be draining. Let’s get refreshed!

I say my nest is non-traditional because I have three children: two from a previous marriage, and the youngest with my husband. The older two are teenagers, and are now living with their father. So we are definitely not the nuclear family unit. These dynamics bring unique challenges to parenting. I know there are other parents out there in similar situations, but it can be tough to find other parents who relate.

I’m here for you!

I work full-time in retail, and play with lots of different crafts in my spare time. I love sewing, crochet, and paper crafting. I don’t have a crafting niche. If I get inspired to make something, even if I don’t know how, I will research how to do it! I once wanted to replace a pair of crocheted slippers that I had bought years ago. Since, I couldn’t find any, I looked up patterns, and you-tube videos, and taught myself how to make them!

Voila! Then my daughter wanted some, and my mother-in-law. I think I still owe a pair to my sister…35536_10152146230955554_1525170900_n




I am also an avid reader! Again, I don’t just stick to one thing, I love to read everything. I have joined a book reading challenge for the year in order to purposefully branch out into areas that I might not think about when I choose a book.

I also love to get out in nature and explore the world around me.

I guess my brain is just a sponge wanting to soak up everything!