Product review of Panasonic Cordless Iron

Hi Guys! I wanted to take some time to do a product review for my new Panasonic CORDLESS Steam Iron!

Panasonic Cordless Iron

Yes, I’m geeking out about an iron.

*This is NOT a sponsored Ad. I purchased this myself*

First of all, I am NOT a fan of ironing. I will put something in the dryer twice before ironing it! Admit it, you do it too! I mainly use a small travel size iron for my sewing, and it’s great..but

some garments just need a good old-fashioned iron.

I thought I had an iron in the garage somewhere, but I couldn’t find it, so I started looking around at the stores. I must have been reluctant to spend money on one , because I wasn’t willing to buy the cheapest iron, and I certainly didn’t want to spend $40+ on one. I didn’t find anything that I felt met my needs.

Since I hadn’t shopped for an iron in a decade or so, I thought it was pretty nifty that there are quite a few that have retractable cords! However, almost all the ones that I saw, the cord came out of the right side of the iron. So what, right?

Well, since I’m a Lefty, the cord will come out on the side closest to me. I find that I constantly have to reposition the cord on my little iron. What a hassle. There are irons out there that have the cord coming out of the center, and some on a swivel ball, but they aren’t retractable. So the search continued.

While shopping online at Amazon for storage solutions, my research advisor (aka my husband) started looking at irons. This guy amazes me with his diligence in researching product reviews, comparing prices, and finding the best overall fit for what we need!

That’s when the Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron came into my life.

Here are the features that piqued my interest:

  • Cordless, Baby!!
  • Auto-Shut off (always a great feature, just-in-case)
  • Easy peesy Electronic Temperature Control (3 settings, no more dial) Plus-the light blinks until it is at temperature, then stays on
  • Power base gives you a cradle to place it in so it won’t tip over and fall on the carpet (I did that once)
  • Carrying case
  • Has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval , so not only has it been tested and approved by their panel of experts, GH will reimburse you, up to two years after buying a product, if it is defective!
  • Bonus: part of the iron and the carrying case are a beautiful Aqua, which matches my ironing board, and is my current favorite color! 😉

Let’s open it up, and test it out!

Panasonic Cordless Iron

Panasonic Cordless Iron
Controls of Cordless Iron

The controls are very easy to read. No more dials to contend with. Choose your temperature setting, and the light will flash until temperature is reached. It only takes 2-3 minutes. When I used it the first time, I set it on High for Cotton, which is what I mainly iron. I then remembered that I have a newer shirt that is Acetate, requiring a low setting. I switched from High to Low, and it did take quite a bit longer 7-10 minutes, to reach temperature. It took longer for the iron to cool down. So the smart thing to do, would be to use a lower setting first, and then bump it up to a hotter setting.


Let’s talk about the Power Base. It has a retractable cord, which I love. The neat thing about having this cordless iron with a base, is that the base does not require to be plugged in all the time!

When you need to do some ironing, you simply plug in the base, select your temperature, let it heat up, do your ironing, let it cool down, unplug, and store it away!

Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron
Power Base

Notice the black Roller! This allows you to simply roll the iron on and off the base, for easy access. Also, the case snaps onto the base. Just place the top over the iron on the base, and click! Lift the handle and you’re off to your sewing class, or just to store it away.

Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron
Iron case

Thanks for stopping by for my product review. Now…what can I go iron?



Cheap and Easy Teacher Gift

Hey Folks! Just wanted to do a quick post to show you a

Cheap and Easy Teacher Gift

My son will be graduating Kindergarten on Friday (sniff sniff), and this has been a challenging year for him. He is learning to control his emotions, and have patience. I’m so grateful for his teacher and the staff at the school. It has not been easy for them this year.

I know teachers are looking forward to summer vacation just as much as the kids are! God bless our educators! God made certain people for this job, and I know I’m not one of them. My hat’s off to these great people.

Cheap and Easy Teacher Gift


I knew I wanted to do something, but I wasn’t sure what. With us moving, I don’t have a lot of time or money for anything outlandish. I found one of these cups with a straw on clearance and knew it would be perfect for a Teacher Gift for my son’s teacher. (Forgive the packing materials in the background)

Cheap and Easy Teacher gift
Cup with Straw

Cheap and Easy Teacher giftMost of my craft projects start out in much the same way: I get an idea, and I scrounge around for inspiration, and I usually hit the craft stores for materials. Sometimes, I find things I forgot I had, and they turn out to be perfect. This time, I found a roll of ribbon with pencils on it that I bought for a back-to-school theme I did at work. I happened to find it in my desk at work by accident. I thought it was in my craft drawers at home…I never would have found it otherwise!

The next step was to try and figure out what to fill it with. I don’t know her very well, and she is an older woman. I knew that cute nail polish and the like would not be a good fit. So, I decided that you probably can’t go wrong with chocolate and coffee! So here are all my supplies gathered up:

Cheap and Easy Teacher giftNow of course, the fun part..stuffing it all in there. I took the packets of coffee and stood them up all around the inside of the cup, facing out. Then, I piled the chocolate squares in the middle around the straw. I may have been a little happy that a few pieces of chocolate and two of the packets of iced coffee didn’t fit. 🙂

Next up, I searched Pinterest for a cute label. There are so many creative ladies out there who come up with all these printables for everything you could ever imagine! I found a great one over at

 free printable gift tag featuring fun coffee sayings.
From Brendid Blog post The 5 Minute Coffee Teacher Appreciation Gift

I like that it has one more suited for a gift card, and one that isn’t. So, whichever way you want to gift coffee is covered! I printed this out the other day, and then realized that I printed it on regular paper. I made a copy onto cardstock paper, so it would be a little more sturdy. (I’ll save the original in my craft patterns for future teacher gifts)

Tie the tag on with some ribbon and..Voila! Now you have a cheap and easy teacher gift!

Cheap and Easy Teacher gift
Teacher gift in a cup

I will have my son sign his name on the back for his teacher, and together we will give it to her on Friday!

Check out my other gifting ideas that I’ve collected on my Pinterest board here!

Share your teacher gifts in the comments below!





Basket Liner Tutorial

Ok, so here’s my first crack at a craft tutorial! My blog deals with a lot of emotional stuff, but I love to do a wide variety of crafts.

I guess it’s my own brand of therapy!

So, occasionally, I will be sharing some of my craft therapy creations here.

I don’t know about y’all, but when I move, I look forward to new ways to decorate. The last time we moved, we had to buy a shower curtain, because we went from having glass doors, to a standard stall/tub shower. Immediately, I got excited and started scouring websites for bathroom ideas. I even started a board on Pinterest, where I gathered my “pinspirations.” Check it out here, to see my color schemes, and projects I wanted to tackle. I really love the new trends of coral and mint/turquoise! I’m so glad it continued into this year from last year. I don’t have much wall space available for any of the art projects I saw, so I was trying to figure out how to bring more color into the room.

Check out my Bathroom Ideas Pinterest board for other turquoise and coral decorating possibilities!

One day, I was browsing through the fabric department at Hobby Lobby (my favorite part of the store!), and I came across a collection of fabrics that just encompassed the color scheme I love, and arrows (which has also become a favorite of mine recently).


I didn’t buy any fabric that day. I know! Crazy, right? I think I’m the only sewist who doesn’t buy fabric just to buy it. I didn’t know what I would do with it; therefore, didn’t know how much I should get.

One day, the inspiration hit me. I have this little wicker basket on the toilet for toilet paper.

Hello! New Basket liner!


This tutorial is a basket liner makeover for my handy toilet paper holder. I don’t know where the basket came from, I just kind of acquired it from my mother-in-law, while she lived with us. Thanks, Nana!

So, I started browsing…you guessed it…Pinterest. There are numerous tutorials about basket liners, with patterns, etc. This one over at So Much Sew, is really helpful, but I basically just measured my existing liner, since it fits, and did my own thing! My mom would be so proud of me. I’m usually a stickler for needing a pattern for everything.

Turn the liner inside out. You can see the basic construction of the pieces. Plus, it gives you an idea of the seam allowances, and how the edges are folded over.


My liner has a rectangle bottom, two longer sides, and smaller squarish end pieces. The side pieces are more of a trapezoid than a rectangle. Overall, basic pieces.

I used my rotary mat to measure the pieces.

  • The bottom piece is 11″ x 5 1/2″
  • Sides are 11″ x 8″ x 13″
  • Ends are 6 1/2″ x 8 ” x 7″
  • *Make sure you add the amount that is folded  over at the top seams*

I can also  see that a 1/2 inch seam allowance was used for the liner.

Here are all the cut pieces:

*I decided to make a smaller basket liner with the arrow fabric, so only the triangle fabric is seen here.

Whether or not you press them after you cut, is just a matter of preference. I pressed mine because they had creases, from being folded up, sitting in my craft closet for a few weeks.

On to Construction!

You have to remember that a basket liner is kind of backwards to how you would normally construct fabric pieces. When you sew the pieces together, the right sides of the fabric will be on the inside of the rectangle you create.

I’ve seen other tutorials that sewed the sides to the bottom first, and then sewed the edges. Either way works. I did it this way because I’ve done similar projects that were done like this.

First, I sewed the side pieces together; matching one long, and one short piece, sewing right sides together. Make sure that all your shorter edges are on the same side. Then, I sewed those two pieces together; matching up a long to a short. Then, join the ends together, forming a loop.  Press all seems from the right side. Using the narrow end of my ironing board, I slipped the loop over the end (right sides facing out), and pressed it that way. Voila!



Now, to add the bottom piece to the sides. A little bit tricky, but I’ll walk you through it.

With right sides together, match up the long end of the bottom piece to the long piece of the loop. Center the piece between the two seams of the long piece of the loop. Sew together, still using the 1/2 in seam allowance. No need to backstitch. It worked out nicely that my triangles were 1/2in, so I followed the line! In order to sew the other side, right sides together, you will need to flip your loop inside out. When the two edges of the bottom are done it will look like this:


Now you can scooch your seems together, lining up your fabric the same way as the other side. Once that is done, time for the ends.



I used pins this time, so my fabric doesn’t shift. At the machine, make sure you backstitch the beginning and end seams to reinforce your corners.


All that’s left now, is to fold over the edges for your top seam. I’m always quite particular about my hem stitches. I use a sewing gauge to measure as I go along, folding, pressing, and pinning. Fold over and press 1/4 to 1/2 in, to the wrong side. Fold that over, and pin. I like to spot check with my gauge to make sure my hem is the same size all the way around, before I stitch. Sew close to the edge of your fold.


Tada! You now have a completed basket liner! You can also see the other liner I made with the arrow fabric.