Old Ladybugs

Well folks, we’ve made it to Wednesday! I just wanted to take a few moments of your busy day to give you a bit of respite. Life is hard! We get up early, go to bed late, and run run run, all in between there.

It seems there are never enough hours to accomplish all that I want to do.


There are always so many things on my to-do list. I want to make so many crafts, and clean and organize everything in my home, and be a good mommy and teach important things to my kids, and be a good wife…. The list goes on and on, but there is only so much of me. Again..I hear my  mom in my head reminding me I’m not SuperMom.

The art of Prioritizing is key!

I’ve recently starting making a to-do list, as in TOP Priority- non-negotiable list, like I usually do, but also adding a secondary to-do list. Somewhere between a wish list, and a “not necessarily today, but immediate future”. This is where I put my crafts, and other non-essential cleaning chores.

I’ve always been a list person. I am a visual person, as well as a tad forgetful. I don’t know how many times my husband and I discuss something I need to do, and then at the end of the day, I’ve forgotten all about it. Ugh! I hate that.

Being able to cross things off the list, and have a sense of accomplishment is such a great feeling, right? The flipside of that is how much I feel guilty and chide myself for putting things off.

Many crafters share the jokes about having “UFO’s” (un-finished objects) lying around.

I’m no different. I’ve been known to put off something because it wasn’t going the way I wanted. I get frustrated with myself, or no longer have the patience, and just put it away. I usually get back to it and finish it. There have been a few projects that got scrapped all together.

Well, I’m excited to announce that I have completed my oldest UFO, ever!!! Yesssss!! The sense of completion, accomplishment, finito, is awesome. I feel like I want to steamroll through a million projects! I have several lined up, so we will hope the momentum lasts.

It’s also awesome, because it’s something that I was supposed to make for my sister. So now, after nearly 20 years, I get to give it to her. It’s childish, but hey!, it was childish when she wanted me to make it for her when we were still teenagers! I know she will get a huge laugh out of it, and that makes my heart smile! My sister has always loved ladybugs. She even calls my daughter her “ladybug princess.”

She has always supported my craftiness. When I first started sewing she was right there, wanting me to make her a matching Halloween costume, like the one I was making. So, I did. When I taught myself how to crochet, just to make some replacement slippers for an old pair I loved, she was there to ask me to make her a pair…wait a sec! I never did make them! Well…I guess I have another project to go make! Hold please…I need to add this to my crafting list.

Okay, on to the Ladybug Bag!

Here’s what the pieces look like after being dug out of the bottom of my fabric drawers.

lady bug bag pieces
Ladybug Bag pattern pieces

Now , these pieces were not just put in this one drawer 18 yrs ago never to be seen again. No. They were in the fabric store bag that I bought them in for years. I’ve moved many times since then, and had several different containers that I stored fabric scraps in. I’ve pulled it out and considered working on it, only to put it back in. Preferring to work on whatever current project I had instead. At some point I had cut the pieces and started with Step A, and cut and sewed the feet, but back in the pile it went.

I’m not sure why the sudden desire to finally complete it hit me. Perhaps it is a desire to go back and do things that I regret not doing. Sweeping out the dust under the furniture, so to speak. Or, it could be that I want to see the reaction my sister has when she sees it! That’s the motivation that has prevented me from tossing it.

One afternoon later, I completed this project that was hidden away for eons. Just a few hours, that was it!

Ladybug bag
Ladybug bag for my Sister

I did it! And now, apparently, I have some slippers to make! At least she will use the slippers. The bag, not so much!

So, life is busy, and hectic. Make time by prioritizing your to-do’s, to include the things that bring you joy. It’s even better when it brings others joy too. Take some time for yourself. It doesn’t have to be private, or a long period of time. Just find it!

It’s worth it.

YOU, are worth it!



Settling in

Hello Again!

Things have been super crazy around the Nest lately. We are finally getting situtated here in Massachusetts.  We had a great drive up. I enjoyed seeing the pretty yellow flowers in North Carolina, purple flowers in Pennsylvania, and rolling farmlands in Maryland.

My little guy was such a trooper in the car! In my perfect world, I would have sewn him a cute organizer in some awesome fabric, and activities would have been in some cute little container, perfectly organized. Reality is that we did what we always do. Our old DVD player that straps to the headrest went up (I usually stow it away in the nifty floorboard compartment), and I loaded up his Robot bag (which is a fabric bag that I made for library books) with crayons and a coloring book that he barely touched, some new books, and his stuffed animals he sleeps with.

I did a fairly good job of not letting him eat snacks and drink too many fluids all day long. We stopped for lunch, and stopped driving around dinner time each day. There were indoor pools at the hotels we stopped at, so he got some exercise.

Looking back on the whole packing/loading/unloading process, here’s what worked and didn’t work. We bought shrink wrap to protect our furniture, but didn’t use it enough. We had some furniture get damaged that we aren’t even sure how it happened. If we had wrapped it like we originally planned…..sigh. I guess I will be pinning wood repair tips later.

One idea from Pinterest that I wish I had implemented was this idea of having a “first day in the new place” tub. Things like toilet paper, cleaner, box cutters, trash bags, etc. would have been handy to have in one spot, rather than digging around. All my cleaning supplies were the last to go in the truck from cleaning our old apartment, so they weren’t hard to find, but somehow toilet paper was something I had to dig around for. Also, I will say that the $2 I spent on a little knife cutter was the best thing ever! I stowed it away in my purse so I had easy access to it. I’m still using it to break down boxes as we unpack.

Another great idea that I liked was using the trash bags for the clothes. I mentioned it in my previous post, Adventures in Moving. You can find it here. It was easy to pack, load, and hang up in the new place! I can’t imagine moving my clothes any other way in the future!

We moved all our stuff ourselves, it’s just too much money to hire movers for us. My husband’s brother volunteered to fly down and help us load and drive up. What an awesome guy, right?! It was a big help. Plus, we had a friend help us with the second half of the unload once we got here. We really needed the extra help for the final push. We are on the 2nd floor, and by the time he got here, we were beat! Another great helper!

I used an app on my phone to clock my steps. I walked 5.7 miles, approximately, 14,288 steps. I can do that in a day at work easy, but up and down stairs? By the third day, our muscles were starting to feel better… A jump in the brisk Sebago Lake of Maine helped a little.

Overall, we are happy to be here. Job chaos seems to be working itself out, and Caleb loves the new daycare. I’m thankful we arrived safely. We’ve only had a few unexpected bumps in the whole process, but they  have been manageable.

There is still a lot of emotional turmoil going on with my daughters over the move. While one is being supportive and is excited to come visit, the other one has completely shut me out. You know a 14 year old is mad when they “unfriend” you on Facebook. I called and talked to her on the phone, and texted her about our plans/progress on the road. After about a week of no communication she sends me a novel of messages claiming that I hate her and that I need to stop talking to her.

It is very hard to deal with this, but I know that I can only do so much, and just pray about the rest. I have told her that she can unfollow me on social media. I still love her. I text her to let her know I’m thinking of her. I love her. I texted her to let her know what our plans were and what was going on because she has a right to know what state her mother is in at any given moment. I still love her. I let her know that I understand why she unfriended me. I get that it’s difficult to see me talk about things that are hard for her to handle. I will let her have her space. But I won’t stop texting her to let her know that I care about her. I love her. No matter what she says or does.

It’s hard, but God gives me strength. Life still goes on.

With boxes piled everywhere, it can be a little overwhelming to see all the work that needs to be done. No rush, so I’m not letting it get to me. I’m enjoying the new scenery and the beautiful weather!

I’m taking life one box at a time.



Welcome to my nest!

Do you ever feel like you’re the only  mom who is failing miserably? Like everyone else is winging it, but still winning? Lots of moms joke about falling behind on housework, and being disorganized, and getting by with copious amounts of coffee, or wine.

But what about the tough stuff? What about the raw, harsh emotions? Nobody wants to joke about the brokenness we sometimes have within our families, especially our children. When there is real, gut-wrenching pain, we often hold it in. It’s just not something we talk about for fear of judgment. We may be lucky enough to have a spouse with whom we can confide, but let’s face it, we need other women, to really understand us. It’s even harder when life takes you down a road you never thought you would be on. We spend so much time analyzing the “coulda’, shoulda’, woulda’s.”

So how do we get past it? How do we live with the way things have turned out? What do we do when God hasn’t answered our prayers? Is He listening? If we believe that there is a plan for all things in our lives, how do we trust God? It can be brutal, in the midst of our situations to see how things could be for our good.

How do we heal?

We need to grieve what was, and live in what is. I don’t know about you, but the grieving part has really dragged me down. All my relationships have been in turmoil. I’ve even allowed this to affect me at work. I put on brave face, and smile. But I’ve been slowly unravelling, and now it shows. I’ve wasted too much time having a pity party. I’m ready to move forward!

This blog is for all those moms who are struggling, broken, and running low on faith. I will share with you my journey, of a blended family that never mixed, and how God keeps me going.